Union, friends for MYSA is an association which support the organization MYSA. MYSa is the acronym of Mathare Youth Sport Association. One of worlds most prestigious sport development organization.

MYSA stimulates youth in the slum Mathare in Nairobi to develop their potential using  sport in order to improve the quality of life of themselves and their societies. Mysa is runned by and for the youth.


Motto of the Association Union Friends for MYSA:

The motto of our association comes form one of the most inspirational persons of Afrika; Nelson Mandela.

“ Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”


Lots of projects supported by Friends for MYSA have the goal to provide the knowledge offering the personal and societal development of the members of MYSA. One of the members who maximizes this change is Samuel Musembi a talent 21 year old, who worked hard on the university of Nairobi resulting in a Bachelor degree in Economics , Political sciences, public administration and sociology.

In a visit of to Mathare last year he spoke the following wise words originally attributed to the Boedha: “ Don’t give me the fish but teach me how to fish and I fish forever.

Samuel Musembi

Would you like to contribute to teach children in the slums of Mathare how to fish, don’t hesitate and support our projects either with your knowledge or as a donor. We are grateful for your support.